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Hugo Vos new Managing Director of VSL
After 10 years as Managing Director Mr. Albert Dalhuijsen has decided to leave VSL. Mr. Hugo Vos has been appointed as his successor. On 1 September 2016 he has started as Managing Director of VSL. He has worked for many years in various management positions at TNO, a large Dutch contract research organization, for many years in various management positions. His background, experience and interests fit very well with this new job. We wish him a lot of success at VSL.
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New CNC milling machine at VSL
The Mechatronica Lab at VSL is recently equipped with a new CNC milling machine. The Fehlmann Picomax P56 TOP gives us much more abilities to produce complex milling parts with higher accuracy, as well still doing manual milling, drilling and tapping operations.
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New facility for nanoscale electronic devices in the RF frequency range
In collaboration with leading EU national metrology institutes and universities the research project “PlanarCal–14IND02” is working towards realization of traceable vector network analyzer measurements for nanoscale planar electronic devices. Vector network analyzers (VNAs) are the most precise measurement instruments at high frequencies and play a crucial role in development of new technologies and devices. Extending VNA measurement capability for nanoscale planar devices faces two major challenges: device probing and impedance mismatch.
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A virtual lateral calibration standard for atomic force microscopes
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a powerful technique to measure surface characteristics on the nanometer scale. AFM is based on scanning a measurement probe over the surface under study while recording the interaction between the probe and surface.
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VSL coordinates multiphase flow metrology intercomparison
Multiphase flow, with gases and liquids flowing through a pipeline simultaneously, is a very complex field, and consequently multiphase flow metering is far from straightforward. Unlike for single-phase (gas- or liquid-)flow, a reference network of test and calibration facilities for multiphase flow meter testing does not yet exist. In the European research project “Multiphase flow metrology in oil and gas production” VSL collaborates with the owners of several multiphase flow loops to take the next steps in developing traceable multiphase flow metering. 
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Quantitative Imaging of Fugitive Gas Emission

A major emission source of fugitive and hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOC) is leaking process equipment such as valves, compressors and flanges in refineries and chemical manufacturing facilities.
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VSL performs it first on-site Power Transformer Load Loss System calibration
Loss measurements of power transformers are gaining importance for power transformer manufacturers, not only to prove compliance to the Ecodesign Directive but also to produce better and cost-effective products which are not over designed. Last May, VSL has performed its first on-site calibration of a power transformer loss measurement system (TLMS) at the Royal SMIT factory in Nijmegen the Netherlands.
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New facility for the calibration and testing of equipment in indoor air and emission testing

Within the EMRP project “Metrology for Airborne molecular contamination in manufacturing environments” (MET-AMC), VSL has designed, built and validated a new dynamic gas mixture generation system that is suitable for the preparation of low levels of (semi-)volatile organic compounds (VOC) in air at ambient pressure.

The system is very flexible. It can be used for a wide range of components with a boiling point in between 150°C and 350°C, at different concentration levels.

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Interlaboratory comparisons & PT programme
To view a list of VSL's current Interlaboratory comparisons and Proficiency testings, please download a copy by clicking here. If you want more information on this subject, or your company wants to participate in one of the ILC's, please send an e-mail to ComPass@vsl.nl.
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Support EU consultation on metrology research!
The European Commission has launched a public consultation on EMRP and EMPIR. The consultation gives the opportunity to provide input on the state of play of the European metrology research system and the challenges it is facing.
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Save the date: Open House of VSL Flow
On Thursday October 13, the Flow group of VSL opens its doors for anyone interested in our activities in flow calibrations and research. In an interactive program we will highlight our work via presentations by our experts and by clients, give guided tours of our laboratories and provide ample opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with VSL staff, suppliers and clients. Currently we are working on compiling the program, which will be distributed via various channels as soon as it has been set. For now: block the date in your agendas!
Precision Fair 2016
VSL will be exhibiting at the Precision Fair this year and is hoping to see you at our booth 144.
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