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New VSL accreditation: liquid flow rates between 0.25 and 5000 g/h
VSL is proud to announce that its new µFlow calibration facility was accredited by the Dutch Accreditation body RvA for liquid flow rates between 0.25 g/h and 5000 g/h.
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New tool for the characterization of local and global pitch of UV/VIS/IR diffraction gratings
Diffraction gratings play a key role in many different scientific and technical contexts, such as dimensional metrology, spectroscopy and radiometry, just to name a few. For example, most of optical instrumentation for Earth Observation or space research, such as spectral imagers, spectroradiometers, spectrometers, make use of diffraction gratings as dispersing elements. One major problem for such devices, especially the new-generation of compact array detectors-based systems, is spectral straylight.
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What would happen if there would be no metrology?
In case you missed our new animation, please check it out! This animation shows what would happen if  there would be no metrology. You'll be amazed how often accurate measurements play a role in our daily lives, but also in engineering, science, industry, environment, on energy issues and healthcare.
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VSL works on improved patient safety by lower uncertainties in drug delivery
VSL has joined Technical Committee 62 of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), as an expert on microflow metrology. This Technical Committee amongst others covers the IEC standard for transfusion, infusion and injection equipment, which is widely adopted by manufacturers of medical devices.
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VSL accredited for performance evaluation of natural gas analysers according to ISO 10723
After a thorough review of the procedures and processes, the Dutch Council for Accreditation has extended the scope of the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation of VSL to include the performance evaluation of natural gas analysers in accordance with ISO 10723:2012.
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A wavelength ruler for on-site wavelength scale calibration of spectroradiometers in the UV wavelength range
Within the EMRP project “Traceability for atmospheric total column ozone” (ATMOZ), VSL has realized a wavelength ruler for wavelength scale calibration in the spectral range 290 – 350 nm.
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1 June 2016: Start of 15SIP01 Zero Gas
VSL and FMI, the Finnish Meteorological Institute and Designated Institute for metrology in gas analysis, have initiated “Zero Gas” a new Support for Impact project under the EMPIR programme.
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1 June 2016: Start of 15SIP04 TIMEFUNC
VSL has initiated a new Support for Impact project "TIMEFUNC" under the EMPIR programme. The project is supported by KPN, the largest telecom provider in the Netherlands, and OPNT, a company providing state-of-the-art solutions for accurate timing.
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Final workshop of the EMRP Project successfully organized
The final workshop of the EMRP Project “Improved EMC test methods in industrial environments” was successfully organized by VSL on 3 June in Delft, the Netherlands. The goal of this workshop was to present the results of the project to stakeholders from industry.
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Interlaboratory comparisons & PT programme
To view a list of VSL's current Interlaboratory comparisons and Proficiency testings, please download a copy by clicking hereIf you want more information on this subject, or your company wants to participate in one of the ILC's, please send an e-mail to ComPass@vsl.nl.
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PlanarCal Project Seminar
Several European Metrology Institutes, industrial organizations and universities collaborate in a joint research project to enable the traceable measurement and characterisation of integrated circuits and components from radio-frequency to sub-mm frequencies with known measurement uncertainties. This will allow industry to develop components and devices in high-speed and microwave applications, such as wireless communications, automotive radar and medical sensing.
Save the date: Open House of VSL Flow
On Thursday October 13, the Flow group of VSL opens its doors for anyone interested in our activities in flow calibrations and research. In an interactive program we will highlight our work via presentations by our experts and by clients, give guided tours of our laboratories and provide ample opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with VSL staff, suppliers and clients. Currently we are working on compiling the program, which will be distributed via various channels as soon as it has been set. For now: block the date in your agendas!
Dr. CHAN Tak Chung at VSL for training on the preparation of VOC gas standards
Last 9-13 May, Dr. CHAN Tak Chung from the Government Laboratory of Hong Kong was at VSL for a hands-on training on the preparation of VOC gas standards. The measurement of VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compounds) is relevant for the monitoring of air quality.
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